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As requested by the Ministry of National Defense, the notification of Portuguese citizens of both sexes, born during the year 2004, and registered in the jurisdiction area of this consular post, for the observance of the National Defense Day. The list can be consulted here.

As determined by the Military Service Law, and according to the information in the "Important Notices", national citizens, of both sexes, born in 2004, who have been permanently residing abroad for more than 6 months, or who were born there and are staying there, must communicate this to the Single Desk of Defense, through the means made available for this purpose at and must choose one of the following options:

  • Request the scheduling of a day to fulfill military duty to attend the DDN.
  • Request an exemption from attending the DDN if you have been legally residing abroad permanently and continuously for more than six months.
  • The notices of convocation are posted in town halls, parish councils, consular offices, and online.

Young people who have been summoned and wish to request exemption from appearing before the DDN must fill out the Exemption Request available at and send it, up to 10 working days before the date set for their appearance before the DDN, to the email (putting "DISPENSE" in the subject), attaching the following documents

  • Copy/Scan of the Citizen Card or Identity Card;
  • Document/scan of the proof of the reason for the dismissal.
  • Document proving address abroad, issued by the consular office in the area of residence or by a public administration body, police, educational establishment or company in the area of residence (for example, registration statements issued by local educational establishments, statements issued by police entities that prove the citizen is resident abroad, Employment contract for a period equal to or exceeding 6 months or statements issued by the employer, statements issued by other local entities that can prove the citizen's residence abroad that enables him to request exemption from appearing before the DDN).

Note: If the youngster intends to be excused from the Day of National Defense and on the date of the publication of the Notices Abroad he/she has a legal address in the country where he/she resides, he/she only needs to send the excused request.

In cases where citizens choose to obtain a residence certificate to request exemption from attending the DDN, this document can be issued at the Consular Post without the need for the citizen to go to the Post and sent to the applicant in digital format to the respective email address, which will then deal with the entire process directly with the MDN through the Defense One Stop Shop.

- Due to the substantial and unprecedented increase in demand for visas to Portugal, applicants should apply through VFS two months in advance for Schengen visas and three months for all others;
- Once the visa is approved you will be contacted;
- The aforementioned increase in demand limits our ability to take calls, so if you have a question about visas, please send email to: .

Following the entry into force of Resolution no. 41-A/2022, of 21 April, and Order no. 4829-A/2022, of 22 April, the entry into national territory of all passengers, regardless of their origin or the purpose of the trip.


Entry is permitted, without any additional requirement, to all passengers who carry on their behalf a:

  • EU COVID Digital certificate. 
  • Digital certificate that has been recognized as equivalent by the European Commission.
  • Vaccination or recovery certificate issued by a third country, recognized under conditions of reciprocity, and containing the minimum data required for this recognition, provided that its holder has been inoculated with one of the vaccines identified in a joint circular of the DGS and INFARMED.
  • Vaccination certificates attesting to primary vaccination will be valid if more than 14 days and less than 270 days have passed since inoculation with the last dose of that series. Certificates proving vaccination with the booster dose do not have an expiration date.

Passengers who do not carry one of the certificates mentioned above, at the time of boarding, must present proof of having carried out a Nucleic Amplification Test (TAAN), carried out within 72 hours prior to boarding or a Rapid Antigen Test (TRAg), performed within 24 hours prior to departure. In this case, only rapid antigen tests on the common list agreed by the EU Health Security Committee are allowed. Minors under 12 years of age are exempt from all testing obligations for travel purposes.

There is no obligation of prophylactic isolation related to travel.


It is also allowed the disembarkation and land licenses of passengers and crews of cruise ships in national ports under the previously mentioned rules and exceptions, with the necessary adaptations to the port terminals.
No restrictions apply to entry into national territory by land.


Considering the pandemic situation still experienced, the existing constraints and rules for any travel, whether abroad, or on the return to Portugal, should be verified, based on the information that is permanently updated.

From March 29, 2022, Tuesday, it will be possible to present online the application for the first citizen's card of children under one year of age, through the “online birth registration” service.

As with the face-to-face service “born a citizen”, in this new online service parents can associate the birth registration with the request for their baby's first citizenship card, with the added benefit of not having to leave home.

The service will be available for babies born in Portugal and abroad, in this case when at least one of the parents is Portuguese and wishes to declare the birth for the purpose of granting portuguese nationality. Online birth registration is now available in 58 countries.

The request for a citizen's card is made on the Portal da Justiça, which is also accessible through the ePortugal portal, through authentication with the Digital Mobile Key or with the citizen card inserted in the card reader and the PIN code authentication. If one of the parents is a foreign citizen can associate the Digital Mobile Key with the passport number or residence permit at a service desk in Portugal or at a consular post.

The application for birth registration is made by filling out an online form with the necessary data for birth registration, such as identification of parents, place of birth, address, among others. To apply for the newborn's first citizen card it is necessary to a digital photo of the baby.

After confirming the birth registration, the parents will receive an email to complete the citizen card request. It will then be necessary to confirm the child's data, indicate the card delivery location, which can be, if residing in Portugal, the address stated in the application or a service desk, or, if residing abroad, a consular post (with the possibility of subsequent home delivery in the countries where this service is available) or a service desk in Portugal, and make the payment of the citizen card issuance fee.

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  • The Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco now has an online booking mechanism ONLY. To make an appointment, click hereand follow the instructions. All appointments must be made through this system - appointments by email or telephone are not accepted.



Visa appointments must be made through VFS - Global, not through the Consulate, click on the image below:


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Visa Application Information:

- Due to the substantial and unprecedented increase in demand for visas to Portugal, applicants should apply through VFS two months in advance for Schengen visas and three months for all others;
- Once the visa is approved you will be contacted;
- The aforementioned increase in demand limits our ability to take calls, so if you have a question about visas, please send email to: .




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