Available payment methods for a Portuguese Citizenship application, when paying directly to the Central Registry Office (Conservatória dos Registos Centrais):

The Consulate General of Portugal has the honor to recall that, since 2017, there are several ways to make payments to the Central Registry Office when applying for Portuguese citizenship.

1. Online by credit card, using the website http://www.irn.mj.pt/IRN/sections/cidadaos, in the Central Registry Office – choose Nationality (Nacionalidade), select your type of citizenship application and, on the payment platform, choose the type of payment. The payment information must include:

i) Cardholder identification data;

ii) The applicant's data;

iii) A contact email, to which will later be sent:

- Proof of payment;

- A Code - the same as that will indicated at the end of the transaction - which must be used in all communications with the Central Registry Office;

- The approved model form / form - in the header of which the same code will appear - must be completed, signed and sent to the Central Registry Office, together with the documents that must sent with the application.

2. Certified or bank check, in euros, of a bank / financial entity with representation in Portugal, payable to IRN, IP. No other checks are accepted. Note that the check may not be of the interested party, you can ask a family member or friend with a Portuguese bank account to do so, the important thing is that you attach the check, or copy, to all the documentation sent.

3. Postal order, in euros, at the order of IRN, IP. In this case, you must attach it to the documents that are part of your application, and send it to the Central Registry Office. If it is not feasible, the proof of issuance of the postal order used as a means of payment must always be included in later communications exchanged with the Central Registry Office.

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