The Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco has the honor to remind that Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 64/2020 was published in Diário da República (, which approves the National Diaspora Investment Support Program (PNAID).

This program seeks to consider the Portuguese communities as a strategic asset for Portugal in dimensions such as the attraction of investment and internationalization of the economy, as well as promoting territorial cohesion, which is vital to the country's economic growth and sustainable development. For more information see HERE.

PNAID's lines of action are: to reinforce and support for the return of Portuguese and Portuguese descendants; support Diaspora investment in Portugal; contribute to the settlement of people and companies to the coutry’s interior districts thus fostering their economic development; making Portuguese communities a factor in promoting the internationalization of Portugal and diversifying markets in the Portuguese economy.

Among the measures that make up the PNAID is the creation of the Diaspora Investor statute, which allows eligibility for support and incentives with additional benefits for investments in the interior of the country, a Support Guide and an Investor Support Network of the Diaspora.

The form that allows you to obtain Diaspora Investor Status is available here.

1. Fill and submit the form through the email address:

2. You will receive the declaration immediately.

The declaration of the Diaspora Investor Statute, accessible by filling in the form, will be necessary for applications for the various measures included in the approved program.

Contacts for more information:

Office of the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities - + (351) 213 946 406 |

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